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I am excited to be publishing my first book this year entitled:

The Integrative CEO: How to become a captain of knowledge AND Industry in the new economy. ©2021


Readers will learn how and why building knowledge performance using integrative management methods offers a new solution for CEOs and management teams to gain new-paradigm command and control over their utilization of assets, technology and people ― and do so in a way that will re-gain workforce engagement and advocacy for the corporate strategy.

CEOs will learn:
• Why the transition taking place in the economy is not a 4th Industrial Revolution and why managing as if it were will only hurt corporate performance going forward.
• How CEOs can make sure digital transformations are successful
• How to to best avoid the risks of strategic agenda capture that many transformation vendors, influencers, and contractors seek in service to their own interests.
• How CEOs can convert their intuitive knowledge regarding new corporate plans and strategies into a powerful teachable point-of-view that will not confuse selling and educating with installing real and lasting corporate change
• Why it is nearly impossible to get objective business analyses out of in-house personnel, and how to change that.
• How to find and measure in the messy and complex corporate systems of workforce beliefs and behaviors what is causing strategy implementation gaps, many of which are deeply ingrained and operating below the corporate radar
• Once found and measured, how to close those performance leaks and implementation gaps using a process that will energize the workforce and increase engagement.
• How to increase corporate agility, without amplifying risk and and the cost
• How to see the trends and forces of the economiy's transition to a knowledge-industrial economy differently and more productively
• Why certain concerns and performance obstacles that CEOs name year after year remain unresolved, and have done for more than 25-years.
• And much much more ― to give readers new information and clear eyed insights into the true causes and effects that are limiting corporate performance and new ways to enhance, correct and refactor their management practices using integrative management and knowledge performance.